819 days to go | 32/365

“How many small wonderfuls add up to one big one? How many first cups of coffee or tea in the morning, quick kisses on the cheek from loved ones saying more ‘Hello you’ than I love you, but great nevertheless? The dog rushing to greet you at the door time after time, the cat choosing your lap to nap, the first bite of anything when you’re hungry or sip when you’re thirsty. The first sight of them when you come through the arrival gate at the airport. There they are! Socks warm from the dryer on cold days, feeling fresh and new after a shower, clean sheets, brushed teeth, the sun on your face, just baked bread, those first steps into the lake, a perfect view of the sea from the window, the letter you’ve been waiting for, the perfect Christmas snowstorm you’ve been waiting for, the check you’ve been waiting for, the return of that person you longed for.

How many small wonderfuls add up to one big one?”

— Jonathan Carroll


831 days to go | 20/365

“One night at a hotel bar in Texas, someone told me the story of a man who for years made audio recordings of all his favorite sounds: trains passing through town at night, wind in the trees, crashing ocean waves, fire crackling in a fireplace, certain birds, thunder and rain on the roof… He did it so that if he ever became sick and incapacitated, he could listen to those sounds to remind himself of the things in life worth loving and holding onto.”

— Jonathan Carroll